Valuable Services

ClairLawson Inc. provide the following IT security services:

ClairLawson Inc.’s certified consultants assess the client’s security measures and practices against the established industry standards and frameworks. Based on the gathered findings, they then impart advice in improving the design of the client’s security operations centre (SOC) using security intelligence and analytics technologies.

The company assigns skilled specialists to monitor each client’s networks, servers, and endpoints, and identify all threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. The latter will then be assessed in terms of impact to further determine gaps and weaknesses. Once all findings have been collated, the team will then develop and implement security enhancement strategies to prevent, mitigate, and eliminate the identified risks and issues.

A team of experts will assist the client in facilitating each access point, tool, and activity to safeguard the confidentiality of all business and personal information contained in their technological resources. The team may also develop and implement supplementary strategies to further ensure effective identity and access authentication, management, and governance upon the request of the client for said services.

The company’s highly skilled ethical hackers purposely break into the client’s security networks
and systems to measure its performance and uncover existing and potential risks. Setting-up
offensive security also helps the client in identifying faults in their IT security and developing
solutions to strengthen the defences and ensure the protection of valuable assets.

Endpoint Protection #5

The company provides a service team to manage all the client’s platforms and tighten each security endpoint using advanced tools and technologies. Upon detection of any threats and
risks, rapid solutions will be immediately implemented.

Strong Expertise #6

ClairLawson Inc. takes pride in its team of experienced and highly skilled IT professionals’ capabilities of identifying and analysing security threats, risks, and issues. Possessing full
qualifications, licenses, and certifications, these experts and specialists can guarantee each client an accurate and effective service implementation.

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